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Daveles Fence Posts

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Here is the work our group did for our client, Daveles fence posts, owned by Smartweld.

Over the past few weeks our group has been working with our client, Daveles Fence Post, to produce a full marketing campaign for the company and their fence posts. We decided the slogan 'Fencing in fast-forward' would be the running theme throughout all the content as it is their USP and most sellable feature. 

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Elizabeth Thomson

Written Content

For our written content, we really wanted to focus on giving their brand a 'face'. We knew from our research that farmers appreciate the opinions of people they know over corporate advertising. For that reason, we decided to give their brand a story and show their customers who they are as people. We felt this was the best way to convince their customers that they know what they are talking about, and help the process of buying a fence feel more personable. We also wanted to push the idea that they were locals, and used New Zealand materials in their products.

Alongside this, we obviously wanted to fit with the overall theme of 'fencing in fast-forward'. Because of this, we decided to produce a written 'how-to' to show their customers how simple and quick it is to use their fence posts. Alongside this, we decided to include farmer testimonials so potential customers would be able to hear first-hand, from other farmers, how quick the product really is. 

In our project brief, our group said we would help give them a rebrand, with a new logo and website design. Because of this, we felt the best way to present our written work was a fully designed, mock website. To view all the content as it would be laid out on the website, click here. (This will open up an external PDF file)

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Elizabeth Thomson

Audio Content

The audio content we created for Daveles was split into two parts. 

Firstly we created a podcast with Dave and Les themselves. The aim of the podcast was to be an ‘extra for experts’ podcast with the main purpose of giving consumers who are already interested in the product a much more in-depth insight into the post specifically as opposed to the background information for the company. This fitted with our overall theme of working smarter not harder as we were really trying to go into greater depths of why these posts are smarter than other posts and how they are. 

The second part of the audio we created was three radio advertisements which were fairly generic and were created to be used across a number of stations such as Hokonui or Newstalk ZB as these are stations we identified as where our audience would be potentially be listening. Two of the advertisements focused on showcasing the best features of the Daveles fence posts and getting the information across in a light-hearted but also in a straight to the point sort of way.

We did this because again it was something we identified with our target audience, that they want straight to the point information and want to know what's in it for them as opposed to a beating around the bush and not actually to the point. The three advertisements really come back and hammer in our theme of fencing in fast forward and show what's really in it for the consumer which is the time they can save if they change to Daveles posts. 

Honey Ad

Fence Posts Should Be More Ad

Best Things In Life Ad

Daveles "Extra for Experts" Podcast

The 'Extra for Experts' podcast is an in-depth interview with the founders of the company Dave and Les, discussing their fence posts.

Video Content

We knew when starting this project that we would be dealing with an age group very different from ourselves. So when it came to the video content, we decided that the most effective approach was to provide content that is simple and quick, just like Daveles fence Posts. Overall, we wanted to show that Daveles is time-efficient, fast and easy. This meant producing content that was straight to the point, built trust within the viewer and presented the benefits.

Elizabeth Thomson

Which Side Of The Fence Are You On?

This is another fictional video designed specifically to compare Daveles Fence Posts to traditional ones. By working with typical farmer humour, one side represents Daveles Fence Posts, with the farmer getting the job done and then spending the rest of his day productively. On the other side is a farmer who spends the entire video putting up his traditional fence. This highlights the idea of Daveles being the best option for your fencing and working smarter, not harder.

Which Side Of The Fence Are You On?

Behind The Scenes

This factual video gives the viewer a full look into the production line of Daveles Fence Posts. This includes information about how they are made, what they are made of, how simple they are to use and the customer service they will expect and receive. This insight will gain trust from many farmers who are interested in Daveles and convince them that this is the best option for their farms.

Behind The Scenes

Profile Videos

To build on the trust being formed between company and client, we created some videos to introduce potential buyers to those responsible for creating such an effective product. We spoke to Corey, Les and Dave who are the brains behind Daveles Fence Posts and talked individually about how they started the company and where they would like to go in the future.

Les Mitchell Profile

Corey Cooke Profile

David Quartley Profile

Fence Day-Ad

‘Fence Day’ is a fictional, lighthearted advert created along the lines of humor and relatability towards farmers. In the amount of time the takes to put out the washing, Farmer Brian manages to fix his post and get his lunch just as quickly. We decided to get create and produce this fun video as it would share how efficient and easy Daveles Fence Posts can be from a different point of perspective.

Fence Day Ad

How To: Install

These ‘How to’ videos show the viewer how quick and easy it is to install Daveles Fence Posts, comparing them to Traditional Y Posts and how to effortlessly attach off the shelf isolators. Upon discovering that ‘Daveles’ most viewed content was ‘How To’ videos, both our group and our client agreed that it would be beneficial to remake these videos with professional equipment and editing. Once viewers see how time-efficient Daveles is, this will persuade them to invest in this valuable product.

How To: Daveles Steel Fence Post

How to: Isolators

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Digital Strategy

Our digital strategy hopes to improve the exposure of Daveles’ online presence on both google searches and through social media. Our main focus is through Facebook, this is because our target audience of farmers aged 45-54 primarily are using Facebook as their main social media platform used according to our research. We have made new social media posts which can be used to begin Daveles posing regularly and can be modelled for future posts. We decided to rebrand their social media by changing the colour scheme slightly. Moving from a neon yellow into a mustard colour. This alongside a new font style makes the branding appear more up to date but still keeping the initial reasoning for why they had chosen yellow and that was they wanted their branding to be bright. We also looked into making them a google business account, this is so Daveles is able to gain more exposure and differentiates Daveles from their parent company Smartweld as currently when you search for Daveles, Smartweld comes up instead. Click here to view. (This will open an external PDF file)