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Will Draper


I'm easy going, a loyal friend and someone who enjoys the company of others. Humour is my default mode but I know when to take things seriously. I do not put myself on a pedestal. I see errors as learning curves, not mistakes and I’m willing to be challenged to meet my full potential.

Instead of completing my last year of school in New Zealand. I chose to spend it on exchange in Ireland where I developed a great deal of independence and time management.

Broadcasting school has helped me to develop my camera, production and editing skills to the point where I now can’t wait for an internship as it’s a great chance to show those in the industry just what I have to offer whilst learning from industry professionals themselves along the way.





Metro News: Technical Director

Here is an episode of Metro New which is our student-run new show that we run live. For this, I took on the role of Technical Director.