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Sensibel – Mapping Human Sentiment

Lydia Clarke
Calvin Kruger
Alex Lansdown
Sian Lovelock
Findlay Staniford
Liam van Eeden
Group 2

The purpose of Sensibel is to unlock the experiences of cyclists and people in general moving around public spaces.

Born from a cycling group in Chelston, it’s a modern and innovative way to connect individual experiences in Christchurch.

There are two parts to Sensibel: the app and the remote. The app logs your journey and allows you to track positive and negative experiences along the way. Sensibel is a personal experience – nobody is dictating what is good and bad for you because that comes down to your own observations.

Then the remote. Made using 3D printers right here in Christchurch, the remote straps on to your bike - like a bike light - and allows you to log your experiences on the go. Then, once you connect to the app via Bluetooth, all it takes is a short click for a positive experience and a long click for a negative experience. Learn more about how Sensibel works: 

You can also elaborate on your observations. Sensibel allows you to categorise your experience from environmental or infrastructure concerns to social interactions. Then you can add a comment and even post a photo. You can do this during or after your journey. Plus you don’t need to be connected to a mobile network or WiFi to use Sensibel. You can still log your experiences and they will be uploaded when your device is connected. Sensibel gives you full control of how much and when you want to contribute.

Whether you don’t ride a bike, want to start, or are a keen and active rider, you can get involved with Sensibel. 

Doesn't ride a bike

Wants to start

Active rider

And Sensibel isn’t limited to cycling. It could be your experience on a native walk, on the bus, or even just on a trip to the supermarket.

 But why use it? Sensibel is part of a Christchurch City Council initiative called SmartCities which is all about using 21st Century technology to better connect Christchurch. When you log a positive or negative experience, this data is uploaded to a server alongside everybody else’s experiences. This gives the Council an opportunity to understand how people feel about their cycling experience – no consultation necessary, just the click of a button. Sensibel is an efficient and easy way for anyone who wants to see change around the city to get involved. 

So get on board with Sensibel and help shape your community. Be a part of rebuilding a better Christchurch and share your good and bad experiences to create a more positive future.

Head to our Facebook page or contact us via to get involved.

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