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Be Safe, Feel Safe Campaign Poster  Kate Davey

About 'Be Safe, Feel Safe'

The ‘Be Safe, Feel Safe’ campaign is a collaborative project involving Canterbury Police and the New Zealand Broadcasting School.

As a group of young students, the client was interested in hearing our thoughts on how Police could better relate to our demographic. After some brainstorming, we decided a summer safety campaign targeting festival goers was a unique idea, that impacts a large proportion of 18-24 year olds across Aotearoa. 

There are three main topics covered throughout the campaign:

  1. Alcohol Safety
  2. Drug Safety
  3. Road Safety

The South Island's major music festivals like Rhythm and Alps and Bay Dreams are both located out of Canterbury. This means a rise in young people hitting the road, at a time where alcohol and drug consumption increases. 

A key message we received from the client was Canterbury Police want to inform and educate, rather than dictate. We hope our conversational and easy-to-understand content will fulfil that promise, and inspire discussion among our target audience. 

Behind The Blue

'Behind the Blue' is a three minute social video, intended to break the barrier between rangatahi and the Police.

The purpose of this video is the show that police officers are people too, and they have lives beyond the blue of their uniform.

This video will be used as an introduction to our campaign. We hope it will inspire young people to realise Police are here to help and support us this Summer. 

If Canterbury Police wish to continue this series, it has been set up so there is a potential to build on this in the future.

Be Safe, Feel Safe - Full Video

‘Be Safe, Feel Safe’ is a 3 minute video intended to educate and inform 18-24’s around alcohol, consent, and road safety ahead of this summer season.

Be Safe, Feel Safe - Distracted Driving

This video is part of the 'Be Safe, Feel Safe' campaign. It focuses on distracted driving. 

Be Safe, Feel Safe - Alcohol

This video is part of the 'Be Safe, Feel Safe' campaign. It focuses on alcohol. 

Be Safe, Feel Safe - Consent

This video is part of the 'Be Safe, Feel Safe' campaign. It focuses on consent and peer pressure.  

Be Safe, Feel Safe - Driving Home

This video is part of the 'Be Safe, Feel Safe' campaign. It focuses on driving fatigued and under the influence.


Behind The Blue is a three-part mini-podcast series created for the Canterbury Police. Each episode focuses on the three main topics of driving safety, alcohol consumption and drug awareness. 

Mitch Redman interviews Canterbury Road Policing Manager, Greg Cottam to discuss his knowledge and advice to keep ourselves safe during the summer period.

Our aim in discussing these topics with Greg is to create further awareness to the safety of 18-25-year-olds in New Zealand who like to immerse themselves in the typical New Zealand summer festival scene. 

With summer on its way it is almost time for the busy road trips to begin. In this episode Greg Cottam talks about the importance of road safety and getting to and from your destination.

Episode 2 Alcohol Safety

Alcohol consumption rises during the holiday period. In this Episode Greg Cottam talks about being safe while also having a good time.

Episode 3 Drug Awareness

With festival season quickly approaching drug use is not going unnoticed. Greg Cottam discusses the police’s stance on young people’s drug use and how to stay safe at New Zealand’s summer festivals.

Digital Posters

We created digital posters to fill the gaps of the campaign and to create an overall theme for their social platforms. The posters break up the campaign with lighter content and easier digestible content while also maintaining the integrity of the messaging. The digital posters are also able to be used as profile and cover photos.

Instagram Reels

In 2020 video content is moving to a portrait format which is easier to view and more suited to our phones. We created Instagram reels from the extended ‘Summer Safety’ and ‘Behind The Blue’ videos. Instagram reels are a space that the NZ police are not currently working in but they have the potential to achieve a high engagement. Each reel is a taster of the full videos and reiterates the key messaging carried out throughout the campaign. 

Press Releases

These press releases recommend a selection of media outlets and organisations that could be approached with our campaign - including Seven Sharp, student magazines and festival organisers.

View our press releases here.

Media Plan

Our posting recommendations for the campaign can be found here. We have included recommended posting times and days that would engage with the target audience. We have also included hashtags, social guidelines, uploading instructions and caption suggestions.  

Client Story