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The purpose of this campaign was to spread awareness of NASDA, giving them social media and marketing content with the outcome of boosting application numbers.

What is NASDA?

NASDA is the leading music theatre training school in all of New Zealand. It maintains a consistent turnover of industry ready performers who are trained in all 3 specialisations of music theatre; dancing, singing and acting.

Recently it has seen a drop in application numbers and hopes to correct this by reestablishing a firm brand identity that encourages passionate, young performers to achieve their on-stage dreams. Showing off their supportive teaching staff, specialised training, industry networking opportunities, and much more that the course has to offer; is key to how NASDA wishes to present itself.

When talking to our clients Andrew Snell, Sara Brodie and Simon Goudie, they outlined that the key issues are: 

• NASDA has had a drop in applications by almost half over the past 5 years. Most of this is due to covid, however, NASDA is ready to reclaim its spot as a highly competitive course.

• The individual brand identity of NASDA gets lost in the marketing needs of the institution it's under.

We want to show off all that NASDA has to offer in its purest form. A showcase of what makes NASDA great. Our main goal is to focus on elevating and streamlining NASDA's online presence, providing a suite of content to be used on the NASDA website and socials.

Visual Content

We have created a series of professional-feeling content to be used across the NASDA website and social medias. The videos give direct testimonials from staff and students at NASDA, and the footage shows what day-to-day classes looks like at NASDA. This allows the watcher to feel what the environment at NASDA is like, as well as answering any questions or fears they may have about where they choose to study. The students have great discussions about their journey's leading up to NASDA, their passion and drive as well as how they overcame their fears. The teacher’s video allows applicants to hear directly from the teaching staff about their holistic approach to teaching. This video will also appeal more to parents of potential applicants who may be uncertain about the quality of education their child might receive from a music theatre degree. Together, these videos show a full range of direct experiences at NASDA and give a great feel for what the life of a student is actually like.

Audio Content

We have created a range of audio material including audio interviews with tutors and students and some radio and Spotify ads. The ads include a a longer version and a shorter version which both portray the message ‘Pursue your passion’ and they have the call to action at the end. 

The audio series interviews students and teachers and covers a range of topics including how to prepare for an audition, how to deal with nerves and the importance of being yourself. The series is introduced by a familiar voice throughout the series’ There is also the same call to action message that is used throughout the series to encourage students to research more. 

Introduction to Audio Series
Interview Audio Series
NASDA Audio Ads

Social Media Content

For the social media aspect, we decided to focus on revamping their Instagram and creating content for a future TikTok account for NASDA.  

We decided their Instagram needed some more behind the scenes content as they currently have mostly professional show pictures and posters. Those looking at the Instagram are trying to work out what life at NASDA is like. Currently they have a hard time grasping the idea.  

We also decided that NASDA needed a Tik Tok account. Tik Tok is a platform that has become very popular in the last couple of years with the demographic we are trying to target. The algorithm makes it easy to expose NASDA’s brand while also giving current students a fun new creative outlet. 

Shown below we have created a suite of content for NASDA to post on their social media channels.  

TikTok Content
How to TikTok video
Instagram Example Content

Media Plan

NASDA Media Plan by Kate Fleming