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Waka on Avon

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Waka on Avon
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Waka on Avon caravan  NZBS

The theme of our multi-media campaign for this new business venture is to focus on Waka on Avon's three key principles: Education, Conservation and Entertainment

Our multi-media content package for our client is made up of the following:

1) Client story for promotional purposes

2) A 1 minute 30 second promotional video - aimed at both international and domestic audiences

3) Promotional brief to TVNZ Breakfast show - focusing on opportunity for Live Cross from Christchurch team

4) Promotional brief to TVNZ What Now show - focusing on an episode of the show being hosted by Waka on Avon

5) Three 20-25 second social media video clips (Waka Safety Video series) 

6) Press release to Maori Television/shows

7) A 7 minute visual documentary in three parts - looking at the history and future of Waka in Ōtautahi

8) A 4 minute audio story in two parts - aimed at 10 to 12 year olds - including Waka history and promotion of Waka on Avon

9) Six 30 second radio adverts - aimed at a More FM audience

10) Media Plan on how to utilise the content - period covering December 2020 to February 2021

11) A 5 minute 360 virtual tour (including three 30 second historical/informative audio clips)