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The Plainsmen

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Canterbury Plainsmen

Meet a Plainsmen: Sam Gordon

Sam Gordon shares his passion for singing and explains his role at The Plainsmen. Zookeeper by day, Plainsmen by night. 

Voices of The Plainsmen

Who are The Plainsmen? The chorus is made up of men from all over Canterbury. This is a snippet of the members and why they show up to practice together each week. 

Written Content:

We have written Facebook posts to engage with potential followers and to drive more traffic to The Plainsmen website, find them here.

Alongside the posts we have created a newsletter template that The Plainsmen can use as they want, this is to ensure that Facebook posts are utilised and gives The Plainsmen an outlet to share their news and stories, we have written two human-interest stories to start the first issue of the newsletter. These stories captures the personal stories of who The Plainsmen are, find the latest issue here.


Written Content:


Social Media Videos:

Who are The Plainsmen?

Firstly, this an introduction video to display who The Plainsmen are and give more information on the chorus.


Teaching and Learning

The Plainsmen have a hands on approach to teaching. This social media video displays the way they guide and teach their new and old members. 


Choir to Quartet

Plainsmen member Sam Gordon explains the opportunities available within the chorus for all the members.

The Chorus is Not What You Think

The Plainsmen might seem like a stereotypical barbershop group but they want to make sure that everyone knows that it's not what you think!

What Happens At a Typical Rehearsal?

What happens at a typical plainsmen rehearsal? What do you learn? What do you sing? Here's a short video that answers it all!

Audio Content:

 We sat down with a couple of The Plainsmen members and talked about their passion for singing and what the choir means to them, listen to find out more about these members and their journey through the chorus.

We explored the young quartet Promenade and the four different parts that make up a quartet, listen to see how all of these young men use their voices to create harmony.

Digital Strategy:

We have produced a Digital Strategy which is a plan and guide on how to use and optimise all of the content. This includes when to post content, what it’s purpose is and tools to ensure maximum engagement with the target audience. Find the plan here.

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