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The New Zealand Broadcasting School placement

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The New Zealand Broadcasting School placement usually leads to a job in the industry   NZBS

Students do a 24-week paid placement to finish the degree. The placement leads to a job in 95 percent of cases.

At the New Zealand Broadcasting School, you will complete a paid 24-week industry professional placement as part of your degree.

This placement provides an effective link between theory and practical aspects of working in the media, and in most cases it leads to a full time job.

The New Zealand Broadcasting School has strong relationships with media companies and is able to quickly respond to market demands. Because of this and the high quality of the education provided, media employers seek out our students knowing they are ready to contribute creative energy, ideas and finely honed practical skills from day one.

During your study, a range of industry professionals will share their expertise and experience, and provide insight into the current state of the industry in New Zealand. Industry experts are consulted regularly about programme content, resourcing and delivery.

The paid placements will enable you to operate credibly in a professional media environment, and to reflect on and critique your performance and behaviour in relation to industry standards.

Did we mention, more than 90 percent of placements lead to a full time job?