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Throughout our multi-platform campaign, we focussed on how SPELD NZ has been transforming lives for 50 years.

If someone who may have dyslexia or another specific learning difficulty doesn't get the right support, they fall behind in their learning and become discouraged in the classroom and even at work. 

That’s why we wanted SPELD NZ, a non-for-profit organisation, to get the exposure they need to attract more people struggling with aspects of their learning to get assessed. SPELD NZ then provides one-on-one, targeted programmes designed specifically for each individual on what they need. These lessons really do transform lives...

Video Content 

For our video content, we focused on a testimonial style series of short videos, and a longer, 3 minute general documentary featuring the students, parents, teachers and assessors of SPELD NZ. We wanted these videos to communicate a positive image of transformation by telling simple arcs, using warm, cinematic, graceful imagery that appears professional and appeals to our adult target audience.

SPELD NZ Student Profiles 

Ella Barnes is a 12 year old girl with a love for dance, baking and crafts. She has been on her SPELD NZ journey for almost 2 years now and the progress is astounding. 

Here is Ella's story. 

Ryan Attwood is a young boy with a love writing his own books, lego and rocks. 

He has been having SPELD NZ lessons for around a year and is thoroughly enjoying it. 

Here is Ryan's story. 

At school, Aiden Milner was constantly being told by his teachers that he was lazy and he needed to try harder.  

But after being diagnosed with dyslexia and dyscalculia, SPELD NZ completely transformed his life through their one-on-one targeted lessons.

This is Aiden's story. 

Assessors and Teachers of SPELD NZ

Mike Sleeman has always been interested in helping those struggling with their learning. Mike works as an assessor for SPELD NZ, testing for dyslexia and other SLDs. He believes it's a privilege to help children experiencing difficulties as these assessments can make a huge difference to a student's life and learning abilities. 

This is Mike's story.

Marion Fairbrass and Helet Janse van Rensburg are both SPELD NZ teachers. They say being able to make a difference in student's lives is "heartwarming and rewarding". 

This is their story. 

Audio Content

We created a 3 minute podcast and two 3 and a half minute radio features. 

The podcast focuses on the struggles and observation of a parent whose child is affected by dyslexia, as well as the process and support she received when she reached out to SPELD NZ.

The radio features tell the story of two separate characters who go on their own personal journey and encounter a problem, and with the assistance of a 'teacher' overcome this hurdle. This represents SPELD NZ students and the troubles they encounter but with the right help, they can overcome these barriers.

Written Content

For the written content, we decided to break up the text and make it colourful and playful so that it was easier for the audience to comprehend.

We created two articles on the joys of being a SPELD NZ assessor and a SPELD NZ teacher. This has been presented in the form of infographics, which have attached voiceover so the audience has the option of a summarised audio version of the articles.

Promotional posters were also made for the client, capturing images of the assessors and teachers working with students. 


Mike by Laura
ELLA by Laura
ryan by Laura

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