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Risingholme Learning

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Risingholme Community Centre is in the works of rebranding to Risingholme learning to more clearly describe their vision.

Risingholme Community Centre has been around for 75 years and plans on being here for 75 more. However, they didn't think that the Community Centre name accurately captured what Risingholme is all about as time went on. This year they decided to rebrand the organisation to Risingholme Learning as their main focus is 'life with learning'. Alongside the rebranding, Risingholme tasked us with creating content and advertising to gather a wider and more diverse community.

Risingholme offer over 80 courses every term for the community to partake in. Most are at Risingholme but others are run by the team in different locations around Christchurch.

However, a problem Risingholme has is a lack of diversity in ages who take part in the courses. Risingholme aims to address this issue by targeting the younger audience of 25-35. The content we've chosen to create reflects that aim.


Brand Story

Promo Videos

Risingholme only had stock images on the website of their courses. So, as a group, we decided to make them two versions of promotional videos; one that can go on their website as a banner, and one that can go on their socials.

Promo Video - Long Version

Promo Video - Short

Radio Ads

We wanted to show people how quick and easy it is to sign up to Risingholme. So we made radio ads that showcased what you could do in 30 seconds including signing up to Risingholme.

Comparison Videos

To link with the radio ads we wanted to show the audience how they can spend their time and how courses are made for time-poor people, learning from experts, in an hour or two a week, at a small cost.

Social Media

When we were given the group of Risingholme Community Centre to work with for our project, their social media pages were lacking content and consistency. Throughout this guidebook, we show them how to utilise social media and tips about what content to post.

Testimonial Videos

One of the things Risingholme wanted to do was to have a more personal and emotional connection to their audience. The way we decided to this was through testimonial videos and hearing about students and tutors experiences at Risingholme.

Te Reo Testimony

Sign Language Testimony

Pottery Testimony

360° Tour

One of the first things we realised during our tour of Risingholme was how big the campus was. As we got further along in the project they confirmed our suspicions that many pupils get lost and are unsure how to get to classes around Risingholme Learning.


Press Releases

 Risingholme Community Centre is rebranding to Risingholme Learning by the end of the year. All of our content was tasked to include this new branding and create press releases to send out to different news orginisations.