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Pitter Patter Dance Ltd.

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Pitter Patter Dance Logo  Pitter Patter Dance Ltd.

What is Pitter Patter Dance?

Pitter Patter Dance Ltd. is a dance school for children aged from 2-13 years old. With a holistic teaching approach compared to a traditional dance school, the school has continued to nurture and encourage children to go at their own pace for nearly 10 years – all around the city.

Pitter Patter Dance isn't just limited to dance classes, they also offer holiday programmes, after-school care, preschools, and party entertainment. 

Our Goal?

The main goal for our client, Emily Taylor, was to bring in 150 new students. After some careful thought and planning, we've developed visual, audio and written content to hopefully reach this number.

Our content is aimed towards middle-class 30-35 year olds, with an intent to pull on the heart strings whilst highlighting that Pitter Patter Dance is a company they can trust, and see their child grow.

Visual Content

We decided to create a new general-promotional video to replace Emily's current video on her website that is outdated. It features Pitter Patter Director Emily Taylor and a mother who brings her child along with her friends. This video acts as a general introduction to what PPD is all about, what skills your child can learn, how to enrol, whilst providing some feedback from a very happy parent.

Parent Videos

These three videos below follow the story of 3 families, who regularly attend Pitter Patter Dance classes. We used interviewing techniques to explore what skills their child has learnt, and what makes them come back each year. By Interviewing the children too, we were able to gain that 'cuteness' factor to draw in viewers. We shot at three different locations to show diversity in students, and to emphasise that PPD is based all over the city.

Parents who are interested in joining will get a good glimpse into what Pitter Patter Dance offers – from a first-handed perspective.

These videos are intended to be used on PPD's website, and social media sites.


Staff Videos

We created four staff videos for Emily to post on her Facebook and her other sites (please see media plan below). These videos are intended to show parents who their children will be working with; an experienced instructor with many years of dance experience. Through interviewing techniques, we were able to showcase the different locations PPD offers, as well as emphasising skill students learn – whilst showing teacher-student relationships through B-roll.

Audio Content

For audio, we decided to add an extra layer of substance to the Pitter Patter Parties' packages through audio invitations. We created one for each theme, with sound effects and music – all voiced by different individuals to create an immersive audio experience to get the kids excited.

Note: We didn't create a popstar audio invitation, as this is planned to be replaced by another theme soon.


To create a cost-free method of publicity, we consulted with Emily to gain a concept of where she would want to advertise. We created three media releases for Pitter Patter Dance, with three fresh angles for community newsletters to publish, or develop further into stories. 

We got in contact with:

  • Chatter Newsletter
  • North Canterbury News
  • Halswell Community Letter
  • Pegasus Post
  • Neighbourhood News
  • Nor'West News
  • Rolleston News

We are still awaiting on some responses, but are in contact with Rolleston News who have shown interest in putting one of the media releases in their paper next week.

Media Plan

Please see below a detailed checklist for Emily to complete, with advice on what to post and when. Additionally, there are some recommendations on ways to boost her business further online.