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Pitter Patter

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Pitter Patter Dance
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Pitter Patter Dance keep little one’s imagination alive and their feet moving.

The aim of the overview content is to give a brief look at all Pitter Patter's services and drive the audience and customers to the website for further information.

Overview Video and Commerical

Pitter Patter had previously worked with students for 610 so we were also tasked with refreshing previous content from a few years ago especially with their dance and performance branch. So we took a more modern approach and tried to steer away from a typically cheesy or cringey tone often present in content concerning children and this is what we came up with.

Pitter Patter Performers Video

Now possessing an apparel branch of their business, Pitter Patter tasked us with creating content to promote this reasonably new service they offer. Our aim was to drive home the points that it was a lot more affordable than competitors, the unique dome feature and the multipurpose nature of the dancewear. With not having a physical store it was also very important people would know where to make their purchases.

Pitter Patter Apparel Video

Another new part of Pitter Patter was their birthday party service, Pitter Patter Parties. The goal here was to convey the new service with giving to much away and spoiling the fun. We made sure we touched on all the themes on offer, the different packages and the benefits for a parent hosting a Pitter Patter Party for their child. 

Parties Video and Commercial

When it came to creating social media content we wanted to make something fast paced, energetic and fun to give the audience that sense of "what on earth is this?" which would then lead them to click on the website and fully discovering the rest of the content. We plan to have these put onto Instagram to make sure all our content is not just on facebook and to widen Pitter Patter's social reach.

Social Media Videos

We also wrote accompanying posts to go with the videos, we tried to emulate Pitter Patter's language and really get that audience engagement going.

Post 1: Here at Pitter Patter we do Dance, Party, and dress, keeping your little one’s imagination alive and their feet moving. We have you covered for birthday parties with a range of themes, dance lessons weekly from the age of two, and we have a gorgeous apparel so your child can be the prince or princess they have dreamed they can be. Head to our website and get your hands on a party package or dance class, check us out

Post 2: Pitter Patter does it all, we keep the magic alive in your wee one's brains and toes, from dance, party, and dress. We can do it all, we do birthday parties with so many themes to choose from, weekly dance classes from the age of two and we even have the apparel to make your little dot feel magical in being both prince and princesses. Head to our website for more information and book your next party or dance class

We wanted to go above an beyond for our client and we think we really did that, especially with the audio books we created about Pitter Patter Party characters. What we have created are 2 audio books children can literally bring home. Children can dance along with characters they've met at Pitter Patter Parties.  We've incorporated the dance moves used in the classes along with an instruction list for parents to follow along with to make sure their kids are doing the right thing. They're really something truly magical and a way to definitely make Pitter Patter a household name.