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New Zealand Institute of Building

The 'Building Connections' campaign is a collaborative project involving the New Zealand Institute of Building and the New Zealand Broadcasting School.

The main goal of this campaign was to create stronger connection from the NZIOB and their student members.

For the campaign to achieve this goal, it needs to target a younger audience. 20-30 years old is perfect, as it includes young individuals heading into construction (apprenticeships) and students who are currently studying to join the industry.

NZIOB Brand Story

Our clients voice and style:

  • Professional.
  • Organised.
  • Motivated.
  • Efficient.
  • Forward thinking.
  • Celebrate success.
  • Representative.

The NZIOB strives to:

  • Encourage high performance, standards and productivity within the construction industry.
  • Represent the construction industry as an energetic, articulate and reliable stakeholder, and lobby on its behalf.
  • Foster construction research and innovation.
  • Engage with the Government.
  • Develop an active and collegial community, by providing social and quality Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events for industry.

What’s happening in the construction space at the moment?

  • Government: Kiwi build, free trade apprenticeships, housing crisis, MIQ skilled labour.
  • Covid-19: Timber shortage, lockdowns causing delays, Australian bubble causing labour movement,
  • Demographic: According to StatsNZ, about 13 percent of people in construction are female. BCITO wants women to make up 30 percent of women in construction trades roles by 2040.

Podcast Episodes

The episodes we have made are the beginning of a podcast series for NZIOB called ‘Pushing the Envelope’. Each episode unpacks stories and careers of successful young professionals in New Zealand’s construction industry.

The first episode sees NZIOB member Ralph Titmuss talk to the team from First Light Architecture Studio in Wellington.

In episode two, Farran Inglis talks to broadcasting student Jess Dermody about his journey to becoming the Project Manager of the Christchurch Cathedral Rebuild.

The aim of this podcast is to share the stories of successful young professionals with students studying in any field of the construction industry.

We also created 45 second promo trailers for each episode. Our approach to the creation of the episode trailers started with first identifying three or four interesting moments we felt were representative of the conversation. These moments were then arranged to fit within the 45 seconds for the trailer.


This first podcast promo trailer, is for the first episode about First Light, a group of young engineers and how they are shaping the industry. This particular trailer was shown to 700+ people during the annual industry award ceremony.

The second promo trailer is for the NZIOB podcast's second episode. This episode is about Farran, a young engineer who is working on projects like the rebuild of the Christchurch Cathedral.

Social Media Campaign Plan

Below is content created for use on the NZIOB Instagram and Facebook, and a plan detailing our recommendations for posting times and days so as to best engage with the target audience.

Promotional Videos 

A short ad highlighting how the NZIOB can build connections within both your professional and personal life.

Interview with Akshat Malhotra, a mechanical engineer at BECA who works with the NZIOB. He chats with us about the benefits of joining the NZIOB.

Pushing the Envelope Playbook

As a part of the content created for this campaign we have put together this guidebook. This document contains justifications for decisions made in the podcast, advice for recording future podcast episodes and a brief overview of our proposed social media campaign.

Publicity and Press Releases

These press releases provide recommendations for a few places that could be approached in order to gain more external publicity for the podcast and NZIOB. 


Possible partnership opportunity: Sparky Girl NZ

As explained in the guide book, below is communication via email with Brooke Thompson, who is a apprentice electrician and social media influencer. Brooke would be great person for NZIOB to connect with as she has a large social media following and is passionate about the industry. 

From Jess Dermody, project manager: 

Kia ora Brooke, 
Hope you're well and had a great weekend! 
My name is Jess Dermody - (personal communication) I'm at the New Zealand Broadcasting School in Christchurch, where we're doing a promotional project for the New Zealand Institute of Building (NZIOB). 
The NZIOB offers membership, represents and lobbies on behalf of the construction industry, invests in construction research and innovation, engages with Government, and provides Professional Development events (website: 
The NZIOB is wanting to attract more young, female members, and engage with those across the whole industry - not just building. 
To address this, I thought of you straight away - as a young, passionate female that is challenging the status quo in a male dominated sector - having an organisation like NZIOB on board with your online work would be a successful relationship to start building, for both parties.
This is a relationship that could go far beyond sponsored Instagram posts - there are some great  young people forging a path in the industry and are part of the NZIOB, that I'm sure would be hugely beneficial to connect with - have a look here:
Further, for yourself as an electrician first and foremost, this relationship could be great for your own professional development.
At this stage, all we are looking for is indication that you could be interested in a potential collaboration with NZIOB. 
Have a think, looking forward to hearing from you and let me know if you have any questions. 
Jessica Dermody

From Brooke Thompson: 

Hi Jess 
(personal communication). 
Awesome to hear from you. I’m keen to be involved with NZIOB and I love the initiative to get more women into construction, I’m hugely passionate about this so it is right up my alley.
I’m fortunate enough to have a huge network of women who have been in construction for years or who are just starting out at my finger tips so I feel as if working together we can get some real answers on what the industry needs to do to achieve the goal of encouraging more women to join us. Really looking forward to hearing from you in regards of pitch and what type of relationship NZIOB wants moving forward.  
Thanks so much 

We recommend that Brooke is contacted ASAP by NZIOB about what a potential partnership could look like. Email has been supplied directly to NZIOB.