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Rotary Oceania

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Rotary Oceania
Team of Rotary Oceania members   NZBS.

About the campaign

Rotary Oceania approached us with the aim to change their reputation from an exclusive club of old wealthy white men, to a diverse and welcoming organisation that helps the community. 

Our approach

We aimed to influence our audience to get on board and become lifelong members of the Rotary community. Through depictions of light-hearted community-based events and people coming together we created content with a warm and inclusive tone. We wanted the audience to feel the impact volunteering can have on others and be inspired to make a difference.

The campaign centres around the notion that Rotary is an inclusive space for everyone, regardless of their age, heritage or background.

Video Content

We created a series of videos that show the great work that Rotary does and the diverse people involved. 

We created a video in which we spoke to some key members of Rotary Oceania who exemplify the diverse image of Rotary. We asked them to tell us about the work they do and what attracted them to Rotary, and why their work is so important to them.

Another of our videos covered an event where Rotary Oceania planted thousands of trees in an area of the Christchurch red zone. Hundreds of volunteers gathered, giving the perfect opportunity to show Rotary's diversity and great work.

Rotary Oceania - Deborah

The suggested delivery of these clips have been the Rotary Oceania website and their associated social media pages included Instagram and Facebook.

Audio Content

For our audio content, we have made a series of targeted radio advertisements and profile clip testimonials from Rotary members.

The ads have been individually designed to fit specific radio demographics. These span from More FM to Flava audiences. This gives Rotary the freedom to approach any radio station, big or small, with an ad that will fit their demographic.

Along side the radio advertisements, we have made a series of audio testimonials from Rotary members and created a video clip of an accompanying waveform for social media posting. These give direct accounts from current diverse members, which help to show who Rotary Oceania is.

Brand Story

Rotary Oceania is an established brand with a keen sense of identity. Because of this, we considered it important to sum up this identity in a digestible format. We created a pamphlet which summarises who Rotary is, their history, and how anyone can join. A version was also created entirely in Māori.