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Myovolt Is a new wearable vibration therapy that targets joints and muscles for recovery and warming up. 

We created three video advertisements, two podcast episodes, four radio ads and a media plan along with publicity ideas. 



Myovolt isn’t just a product - it’s an evolution of the concept of recovery. Dr Dianne Jones and Steve Leftly have been working in the wearable technology world for a long time developing products for athletes and sportswear brands. But in 2012 they were working with Adidas and were asked to create a muscle warming garment. The tech would be used to heat up an athletes muscles before and after explosive athletic work - helping with recovery and performance. Soon, they found themselves working with Olympic sports teams in the United Kingdom - such as the cycling team. The team required massive performance out of their muscles in a short period of time and found themselves cooling down too rapidly after their warm-up routines. Something was needed to bridge the gap and ensure everything was firing properly. And so “Hot Pants” were created with Adidas. Pants were fitted with heating panels that would help the athletes muscles stay at an optimum temperature. This was proven in clinical trials to increase performance by up to 10% - a massive success. After this, Dianne and Steve started to brainstorm how clothing could help the body perform and recover better. The hot pants were custom made and contained large, cumbersome batteries as it took a lot of power to run. After some research, they discovered focal vibration technology. Focal vibration is where a localised, low frequency vibration gets inside of the muscle - getting to the cause of muscle pains and stiffness rather than just massaging the surface tissues - increasing motor function and decreasing pain and stiffness. They found it could be more localised and much more lightweight and wearable. They were able to create a prototype focal vibration module that was flexible and soft and able to be wrapped around the body, and so in 2012 Myovolt was born as the first wearable physiotherapy device. Research groups have discovered that Myovolt helps with delayed on-set muscle soreness, and can even help with conditions like diabetic neuropathy where the afflicted will often lose a lot of mobility and control over their bodies range of motion. The focal vibration technology has been used by many athletes since its conception - including the NZ rowing team at the Tokyo Olympics. Dianne and Steve are constantly looking for ways to improve their tech, to make it more wearable and efficient at its desired outputs.