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Myovolt Is a new wearable vibration therapy that targets joints and muscles for recovery and warming up. 

We created three video advertisements, two podcast episodes, four radio ads and a media plan along with publicity ideas. 



Myovolt isn’t just a product - it’s an evolution of the concept of recovery. Dr Dianne Jones and Steve Leftly have been working in the wearable technology world for a long time developing products for athletes and sportswear brands. But in 2012 they were working with Adidas and were asked to create a muscle warming garment. The tech would be used to heat up an athletes muscles before and after explosive athletic work - helping with recovery and performance. Soon, they found themselves working with Olympic sports teams in the United Kingdom - such as the cycling team. The team required massive performance out of their muscles in a short period of time and found themselves cooling down too rapidly after their warm-up routines. Something was needed to bridge the gap and ensure everything was firing properly. And so “Hot Pants” were created with Adidas. Pants were fitted with heating panels that would help the athletes muscles stay at an optimum temperature. This was proven in clinical trials to increase performance by up to 10% - a massive success. After this, Dianne and Steve started to brainstorm how clothing could help the body perform and recover better. The hot pants were custom made and contained large, cumbersome batteries as it took a lot of power to run. After some research, they discovered focal vibration technology. Focal vibration is where a localised, low frequency vibration gets inside of the muscle - getting to the cause of muscle pains and stiffness rather than just massaging the surface tissues - increasing motor function and decreasing pain and stiffness. They found it could be more localised and much more lightweight and wearable. They were able to create a prototype focal vibration module that was flexible and soft and able to be wrapped around the body, and so in 2012 Myovolt was born as the first wearable physiotherapy device. Research groups have discovered that Myovolt helps with delayed on-set muscle soreness, and can even help with conditions like diabetic neuropathy where the afflicted will often lose a lot of mobility and control over their bodies range of motion. The focal vibration technology has been used by many athletes since its conception - including the NZ rowing team at the Tokyo Olympics. Dianne and Steve are constantly looking for ways to improve their tech, to make it more wearable and efficient at its desired outputs.

Video Content 

We have created three video advertisements for Myovolt intended for Facebook, YouTube or to be embedded on the Myovolt website. Out of these advertisements, one is aimed at mature consumers aged 45 plus and the other two are aimed for ages 18-35.

The shorter, more athlete-driven video showcases a montage of people engaging in athletic activities such as running, biking, martial arts, working out etc. Each person is shown to be wearing the Myovolt product while they exercise. We wanted to show audiences that Myovolt is easily worn and used by each person, regardless of the activity they’re performing. From dancing to lifting weights, the lightweight and portable nature of the worn product is presented and the overall versatility of Myovolt is displayed through the variety of activities. The music choice of this video is upbeat and faster-paced to reflect the faster editing style of the montage.

For the 45 plus demographic we created a video advertisement with a running time of 54 seconds. This ad uses a simple storyline of a semi-retired couple going about their usual day to day chores when they encounter muscle pain during their daily routine. The couple then proceeds to use the Myovolt equipment to remedy their pain, continue their day and come together to relax and watch tv whilst being eased by the comfort of the Myovolt product. The editing style and music used in the video are slow paced and even-tempered to reflect the easy going nature of Myovolt. It can simply be worn to relax after a regular day by regular people with muscle pain.

The longer video directed at the 18-35 age demographic shows the real-time reactions of various people as they encounter the Myovolt product for the very first time. They are asked to do simple daily tasks such as folding clothes and tying their shoes, the caveat being that one person has been given the wearable Myovolt and the other is using a massage gun. We experience the genuine reactions of these people whilst they carry out these tasks, the massage gun users, unfortunately, having difficulty whilst the Myovolt users complete their tasks with ease. The overall atmosphere of the video is very light-hearted yet informative, as audiences are able to see Myovolt’s direct impact on how it’s making consumer’s lives easier. The purpose of this is to engage viewers with humour, honest product feedback and entertaining content.

We intend for these video advertisements to be easily uploaded to the Myovolt website or video platforms such as YouTube, Facebook or other social media.

Audio Content 

We created two podcasts for more scientific and in-depth information about Myovolt. 

Our first episode is with Doctor Dianne Jones, one of the Co creates of Myovilt. She discusses the brand story along with the whys and hows of creating Myovolt. 

The second episode is with an active user, Cody Everson - A paralympic gold medalist. Cody talks about the positives of using the therapy treatment every day. 

Radio Adverts

We created a set of four 30 second ads which were created to show how Myovolt can be used in different situations. The first three ads contain similar everyday situations which allow myovolt to appeal to a larger audience by reaching nieces which may not consider Myovolt as an alternative to a common physiotherapist. The final ad is created to appeal to the athlete which are a main consumer of myovolt and will be more attentive to a sporting based audio piece


Seven Sharp - publicity

One would be a demonstration by Seven Sharp. Having a visual element is important for a TV story, and Myovolt is quite distinct in that regard. For why we decided on seven sharp, it reaches multiple demographics in the markets Myovolt is trying to break into. Seven sharp get to show off a product, create entertaining content with it and Myovolt gets to advertise their product to the people they’re trying to sell to - meaning every day people who might get aches and pains. I sent in an email suggesting a piece on Seven sharp detailing the product and what a piece involving Myovolt could look like.


NZ Entrepreneur - publicity

The next was a piece in NZ entrepreneur. As Myovolt is a New Zealand company innovating in their field - it makes sense that NZ entrepreneurs would be interested in showcasing the company. Getting brand awareness out is important - and showcasing the fact that a small team is making big waves in the athletic fields using clinically proven trials would be great for brand image. I sent in an email suggesting an interview with Dianne or Steve, showing the product, how the brand developed, the history behind the brand and the innovations behind the product.


The Crowd Goes Wild - publicity 

And finally, a piece in a sports show like Crowd goes wild focusing on the Olympic rowing team and their use of Myovolt would be fantastic publicity for Myovolt as well. The fact that some of our best international athletes are using this product is great advertising for Myovolt, and doing a story on the Olympic rowing team and the local New Zealand company behind them would be great content for a sports entertainment show like the Crowd goes wild. This will help brand awareness in the sports fields and show legitimacy in the product, as athletes who have used the product have shown great success in an international field. I emailed the publicity manager for Sky - Polly Inch to discuss this more.

Publicity Emails

Media Plan and Supporting Social Media

Social Media Posts - Link below