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Mach 3

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Mach 3
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With sparks flying, and Drum and Bass blaring, it’d be easy to think Mach3 is just a typical workshop. Stepping in, however, you’d find they set themselves apart. Owner, Jeremy Chapman, told me everyone that works there loves the diverse work. Just in the few days I visited, workers switched from creating a metal horse statue, restoring a World War 2 toothpaste maker, to installing an international-grade postage system. When a problem comes to Mach3, they make it work, and their clients know it. As Jeremy said, “we make magic here."

Take your mind back to 2007. Britney Spears shaved her head, the first iPhone was released, and what may be the biggest event of that year, Mach 3 was created. It was in the garage of Jeremy and his co-owner & wife, Anna. With barely enough money to make it work – they made it work.

Day In The Life

In the day in the life video, we followed Connor Taylor, a foreman for Mach3. During his day he did a handful of tasks including, setting up some automatic lights at a local Christchurch primary school, doing admin, and checking up on the guys around the workshop. The reason we decided to do a day in the life is to show the variety of jobs at Mach3.  

In the day in the life video, we followed Connor Taylor, a foreman for Mach3.

Safety Runs In The Family

In this small 27-second advert we start with a five-year-old boy as he’s working on some Lego in the workshop. It is then revealed that his father is also working in the workshop however he’s working on actual metal, not Lego. The two then go out on break and enjoy a cup of coffee. The reason we decided to create an advert like this is to show the family values that Mach3 represents.  


Father and Son spend a day at the workshop

About Us Video

In the about us video, we interviewed a handful of employees at Mach3 ranging from the big boss to apprentices. We then spliced this together with video clips we shot of the employees working to make the video less dull. The reason we decided to make this content is to show real people in the workplace enjoying themselves. This will hopefully bring new employees in as they will see real employees in the workplace enjoying their respected jobs.  

In the about us video, we interviewed a handful of employees at Mach3 ranging from the big boss to apprentices.


The Montage video we created was a bonus piece of content we made we the extra footage we gathered during filming. 

Promotional montage video for Mach3

Mach3 Podcast

The podcast follows the points of view and different aspects of workers at Mach3. These aspects are health and safety, creativity and the family side of Mach3. We talked to multiple employees from Mach3 both male and female to gage a wider variety of opinions. The reason we wanted to use the aspects of health and safety, creativity and the family side of Mach3 was to showcase what we felt were important to Mach3 from talking to the bosses and employees. Also, what would be important to future employees who were looking to join. The aim of this podcast is to engage and inform apprentices and current engineers looking for a safe, friendly and fun environment to work in.  


For Publicity, we created 3 written articles about who Mach 3 is as a company. One of the articles focused on the beginnings of the Company and how they have evolved and expanded since then. These articles have been made with the intention of Publishing them in Canta – The University of Canterbury Magazine, The Ara Student Magazine, and The Star Newspaper. 

We also recommend Mach3 sign up to the NZUni Talent website. This is a website that has a job board connected to all 8 University’s in NZ. This way mach3 can advertise nation-wide to students and graduates. It’s also a way to stay in communication with the Universities with when graduates and students are looking for experience.


Media Plan

We created a Media Plan that focused on how to advertise on social media without being a Company that uses social media heavily. With this in mind we focused on LinkedIn as it is a social media for businesses that more people are using to look for jobs. We also covered how much it may cost to advertise in Canta and The Star Newspaper. 

Media plan covers through until October but for future recommendations we recommend, Mach3 keep an eye on the UC careers website for the dates of their engineering careers expos. They are likely to be in early May and end of July next year. This would be a good opportunity to showcase Mach3 to up-and-coming engineering students that are looking for work experience. At these expos, they can show the content to give students an idea of what they are like. 

Social Post

We created a range of images for Mach 3 for use on their LinkedIn Page to gain traction and connections over the two-month campaign. These premade social posts are perfect to set up as scheduled posts. 


We created a step-by-step guide on how to create a successful LinkedIn Company page. 

Mach3 Stills

As additional content we took 200 still images for Mach3 that they can use for promotional content in the future, here are some of them.

Photo Collage