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Gap Filler

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Gap Filler

Our purpose was to bring brand awareness to Gap Filler, with engaging and shareable content to drive people to their activations and generate a dedicated following.

These larger than life swings are brought to you by Gap Filler. Courtney Winter and Emma Turton

Gap Filler was created in response to the first Christchurch earthquake. Their original vision was, "to create a vibrant city where anything is possible" and this remains the same. In collaboration with other businesses and the Christchurch City Council, Gap Filler creates fun, quirky, socially focused and interactive activities which engage the community in the central city. In recent years Gap Filler has evolved from being a charity to a social enterprise. Gap Filler is still funded by stakeholders and the council, but they also create revenue by selling their activation plans overseas. Gap Filler are community focused and have people at the heart of all activations they create.

Along with partners from other sectors, Gap Filler has led the delivery of more than 100 public installations and facilitated other groups to lead their own projects through workshops, strategy design, programme design and support services. Gap Filler's most notable projects include the Dance-O-Mat, Super Street Arcade and Grandstandium. Gap Filler's latest project, the Tool Lendery in the East Frame has already created a buzz within the central city.


We set out to address Gap Filler's main issue which was people were unsure who they are. To do this we are raising awareness of their brand and promoting their story, so people know they are ones behind the innovative activities in the city.

Gap Filler Video

The idea behind our long-form video is to show off all Gap Filler has done in the city as a portfolio of their activations. We meet the people behind the brand and find out what drives them to be creative.

Targeted at stakeholders and business partners Gap Filler wanted this piece to be able to be used when they are engaging in business deals, while also raising the profile of the brand.

Tool Lendery

This video is about Gap Filler’s Tool Lendery, their latest activation in the city. We interviewed the public at the grand opening and Rhiannon Josland the one behind the idea.

The purpose is to explain how the Tool Lendery works and give it publicity and also promoting the Gap Filler brand.

Gap Filler Map

The idea behind the interactive map was to get all of Gap Filler’s activations in one consolidated place to form a directory of things to do in the city. While there are already many other maps listing top activities, Gap Filler does not have one of these, so we created this for them to put on their website and self-promote their projects. This map also includes other activities, restaurants, and accommodation in the central city. 

Hammock Hangout Podcasts

Hammock Hangout is a series of podcasts created for Gap Filler. Each episode features a Christchurch local telling their story and chatting about what they love in the city. The idea around these podcasts was to generate the feeling these would be the kind of people you would meet at Gap Filler activations.

Shay Horay

Shay Horay is an entertainer who always wanted to lead an exciting life outside the norm. Born in the small South Island town of Geraldine to a hairdresser and builder they moved to Christchurch and his parents urged him to get a job in the trades, but he had other ideas.

After graduating from Circle Arts with a diploma in clowning, Shay set off around the world to share his comedic genius. He created a character called ‘Rubber Band Boy’ which had him travel to 28 countries with a canister of rubber bands and gain a Guinness World Record for 78 bands on his face. Shay has also performed at top festivals like Glastonbury, yet he still has a soft spot for Christchurch.

He is a big fan of Gap Filler’s Dance-O-Mat saying the best part about it is being able to watch a movie there.

He recalls, “taking a couple of deck chairs down and plugging in a movie to have surround sound,” but says you have to remember to take enough two-dollar coins. Shay believes Gap Filler is changing the way people interact with the city and hopes more people will slow down enough to enjoy the small pleasures.

He loves his job and says he has been proudly self-employed for 10 years with his business ‘Sh! Productions.’

“I get paid to have a laugh and I’ve done pretty good out of it.”

Calven Scott

Calven Scott is a local musician who is blind and can usually be found in Cathedral Square singing and sharing his love of music. Now 56, he reflects on his interesting life.

He started life in Greymouth with cataracts on his eyes, originally he could see colour but he has lost his vision since, yet he still lives life to the fullest.

“I don't sit around talking about what it's like to be blind, I take it by the kahunas, I’m as mad as a meat axe and as blind as a bat and I celebrate who I am.”

He has worked in a factory, spoken on Radio New Zealand and had his own radio station. Music has always played a big part in his life as he formed a South American band, has been in a dancing group, part of an Irish folk music group and is now a musician.

Calven wants to see something done with the Cathedral and the homeless, he lives in the east where he says the roads are still rough as sacks.

When he is performing in the square he comes across many people and would love to see them being kinder.

“Instead of beating someone up to give them a piggyback ride, using your strength in a positive way.”

The top activity on his bucket list is to eat a strawberry flan and go to Thailand to ride an elephant.

Kris Vavasour

Kris is the lady behind the chirpy voice at Countdown telling shoppers about the best bananas to buy, but there are many more tales behind the voice.

She started out in Radio at the New Zealand Broadcasting School and went on to work in the industry. 

In her 30’s after the earthquakes, Kris went back to university and delved into music.

“I didn’t expect a natural disaster to provide me with a research topic.”

She felt music was the only constant after the earthquakes, bringing people together and raising their spirits. Kris went to many gigs under the guise of ‘study,’ and felt music helped those affected.

“Grassroots and formal events had a really big impact in terms of averting a city-wide crisis in terms of the mental health world.”

She believes Gap Filler also played a key role in creating community and camaraderie.

Some distinct memories for Kris were the sound garden which used road cones and other construction equipment to make music, the dance-o-mat and the pallet pavilion.

She worked as a night security guard for the flammable pallet pavilion and has had a boogie on the dance mat despite some people’s initial thoughts.

“People always said nobody will dance in public, but that dance mat has seen hundreds of thousands of hours dancing.”

Gap Filler's newest project the Tool Lendery. Emma Turton

Social Media Videos

We created Gap Filler’s social media videos with the purpose of bringing more engagement around their newest project the Tool Lendery. Each video follows a different DIY story about how real people will use the tools available in a fun, shareable way.

One big man, one small dog, and a shovel. When your dog digs up your garden you need the right tool to get the job done.

Brought to you by Gap Filler and the Tool Lendery.

#gotabonetopick #toollendery

With nothing to do but sip tea and watch the clouds go by, one man takes a stand to make his Sunday afternoon more interesting.

Brought to you by Gap Filler and the Tool Lendery.

#hedgewatcher #toollendery

This millennial is looking for something but just can’t seem to find what has always been right under her nose.

Brought to you by Gap Filler and the Tool Lendery.

#lookingforastud #toollendery

The house is a mess, mum’s on her way home and time is running out, this girl needs an extra tool to help her out.

Brought to you by Gap Filler and the Tool Lendery.

#wheresthedrill #toollendery

When a tradie has to turn his hand to a new trade, he must be prepared for anything.

Brought to you by Gap Filler and the Tool Lendery.

#onionshavelayers #toollendery

Gap Filler 2
Raynor Perreau

Our digital recommendations for Gap Filler can be found here. One of their main problems was the amount of engagement they received on their social platforms. We created a step by step guide they could follow to ensure they could get the best out of their social media.