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Christchurch Symphony Orchestra

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Christchurch Symphony Orchestra
Christchurch Symphony Orchestra  NZBS

This is the full body of work created by students of the New Zealand Broadcasting School for the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra.
There are three pieces of audio content, two pieces of written content, seven pieces of visual content and a digital strategy.
The content is designed to be utilised by the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra using the digital strategy.


In this section, there are three pieces of audio content.
Firstly, there is a six and a half minute podcast called "Behind The Symphony".
Then there is a collection of QR Codes and their subsequent audio.
Finally, there is a live album recorded at Shirley Primary School.

Behind The Symphony

"Behind The Symphony" is a podcast that focuses on the work that the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra does with the community. It talks about the CSO working with children, people in prison and people with dementia and the impact music has on their lives.  

QR Codes

This is the audio for the QR Codes walking tour designed to be integrated into the new home of the CSO. It has various instruments found in an orchestra with interesting facts and accompanying music. 

CSO Shirley Primary Live Album

During the CSO's residency at Shirley Primary School, the students performed a concert incorporating all the skills they'd learned over the week. This album is all the songs they performed with the orchestra. 


These two pieces of written content were written for the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra to use in their newsletter. 
The first piece talks about the colaboration between the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra and the New Zealand Broadcasting School.
The second piece focuses on the residency at Shirley Primary School.

Fresh Eyes For The CSO

This past month the CSO has been working closely with the students of the New Zealand Broadcasting School. A group of eight students have been working hard to produce some top-quality and engaging content for us! And we can’t wait for you to see it.

 At the CSO we’re constantly striving for ways to engage with the community because community engagement is the heart of who we are. So when the New Zealand Broadcasting School approached us and asked if we wanted to collaborate on making some new content – we were very enthusiastic to jump on board. This project has been extra special as it’s given the students a taste of working in the real world and as a result, we have been given a stunning product.

 From filming a week in our Karawhiua! Let’s Play! Residency programme, to recording a CSO podcast, to creating a unique QR code tour for our new building at the town hall- the students have been busy! The students haven’t slowed down on their mission to bring some exciting material to life for fans of the CSO to enjoy.

 The students said their favourite part was filming a week in the residency programme. They got to experience first-hand the musical magic that comes alive in the classroom when our musicians teach the children an array of educational songs. For many children, this is their first experience playing an instrument so it’s very rewarding to see the progress they make.

 “The kids are so just so cute and it’s so cool to see how much they’ve developed by the time the end of week concert comes around,” said Ashleigh Duthie, the director of the documentary and second year screen and television student.

 The students have also produced five quirky instructional videos on how to make toy instruments at home. These are very easy to follow and fun to watch so we highly recommend watching these if you want to get creative with your children these school holidays!

 We have been very pleased to work with these eight talented students and we are so excited to show you what they have been working on. Keep an eye out for the 12th of September on our Facebook page to see the first documentary!

 We hope you love the insight into our community engagement programs as much as we do. We can’t wait to show what we’ve been up to. Enjoy!

 Ngā Mihi


Karawhiua! Let's Play! Residency Programme At Shirley Primary

Our most recent residency programme took place at Shirley Primary School. The lucky students were visited by six members of the CSO who took them through 5 days of fun-filled musical learning as part of the Karawhiua! Let’s Play! Residency programme.

 Each of the songs taught the children about beat, rhythm and pitch but the songs also related to topics that the students were learning at school, such as climate change, the voyages of captain cook and the famous music from Mozart.

 The students got to play a variety of instruments from the harp, trumpet, drums, triangle, wood sticks to the xylophone. They learnt how to read basic music, how to play in time in an ensemble and gained lots of confidence with performing along the way!

 Jenny who plays the oboe with the CSO said the programme “opens up their [students] eyes” to new experiences and shows the children what they can achieve. “I love seeing from the beginning of the week to the end of the week the difference in the kids and how they really open up and I know that we’re also coming in so they’re a little bit shy with us at the beginning but to see their development over the week is really exciting”.

 CSO musician Thomas, who plays the trumpet, said he loves teaching the children and finds it an incredibly rewarding experience. He also said what he enjoys most is seeing the progression of the students from start to finish.

 “We actually teach them how to read a music chart exactly like we do and by the end of the week they’re into four separate groups, they can read a piece from start to finish, four completely different parts, they start together and hopefully they’ll end together but it’s really rewarding to see them actually applying what we teach them about the rhythms and making it into a really exciting drum project,” he said.

 Each class met with the CSO musicians about three times a week and at the end of the week the kids are ready to perform! Parents, teachers and members from the local retirement village gathered at the end of the week for a spectacular concert put on by the students.

 Some children had never played an instrument before participating in the residency programme but by concert day, everyone was performance ready!

 Deputy Principal Jo Merrick said the concert “was outstanding” and was thrilled that Shirley primary had been a part of the programme. “This is something that provides an amazing opportunity to these children, hands on materials, amazing tutors and just really uplifts the whole community and we have a fantastic audience here who are super proud of their children so of course we’d recommend that to other schools,” she said.

 The CSO’s Karawhiua! Let’s Play! residency programme is a Learning Experience Outside the Classroom and is supported by the Ministry of Education. It is also supported by the CSO’s Community Engagement Major Partner, Beca.

Ngā Mihi


Visual Content

In this section, there are five social media videos and two documentaries.
The five social media videos are a collection of how-to videos for DIY musical instruments aimed at parents.
The two documentaries are based around the residency program but one is aimed at sponsors and the other at parents.

DIY Kazoo

Difficulty: Easy

DIY Grass Whistle

Difficulty: Easy

DIY Bottle Xylophone

Difficulty: Medium 

DIY Rainsticks

Difficulty: Hard

DIY Balloon Bass

Difficulty: Expert 

A Week In A Residency

This documentary follows the residency at Shirley Primary School and is aimed at parents.

Residency Programme

This documentary follows the residency in Shirley Primary and is aimed at potential sponsors of the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra. 


Click here for the digital strategy that incorporates all the content that has been created for the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra