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Cholmondeley Children's Centre

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A non-profit charity lending a helping hand to Christchurch families and their kids.

Cholmondeley Children’s Centre lends families a helping hand during any crisis; big or small. Overlooking Governors Bay, the Children’s Centre is an idyllic home away from home.

The 35 strong team is geared to help you and your family with emergency or respite care during your child’s stay at Cholmondeley.

Child care practitioners are an energetic and caring people, trained to cater for all your child’s needs. The team provide stability, care and empower young children throughout their stay by encouraging them to participate in group activities and interacting with them one-on-one.

The onsite learning facilitators at Cholmondeley are registered, teachers. While your child is away from school, they incorporate the 5 key competencies of the New Zealand education system into the daily activities during the week: thinking, relating to others, using language, symbols and text, managing self as well as participating and contributing.



Over the last 12 months, Cholmondeley has provided 4000 overnight stays to kiwi kids, whether they are first-time visitors or regulars.

Each week the team will note down all the strengths and positives your child has achieved and contributed and share these every Friday with a certificate.

A team of social workers can help you and your family with long term planning and put you in touch with other organisations for further assistance.

Cholmondeley Children’s centre is essentially a free service to anyone who needs it. If a family is able to make a donation or Koha, they are welcome to do so.

They cover all aspects to ensure the most comfortable experience for your child during their stay.

User video - Tour of Cholmondeley

Cholmondeley Children’s centre is opening its doors to the public on the 5th of November, the day will allow people to explore the great facilities and services that the charity provides for children and their families.

In the last year Cholmondeley has been a home away from home for over 500 children and helped more than 300 families in a time of need.

To donate to Cholmondeley Children's Centre visit 


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Have you ever wondered what a stay at Cholmondeley would be like for your child? You are invited along to our open day, where you can meet our team who oversee every aspect of your child’s experience to make their stay as comfortable as possible.


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Cholmondeley caters for children aged 3-12 and offers a broad variety o f learning experiences, ranging from playing outdoors to sitting inside a classroom. Cholmondeley's learning facilitators are fully invested in building the resilience of your child in a patient and understanding way.

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We all know how fussy kids can be, but Cholmondeley children's centre knows how to strike the balance between the foods kids want to eat and the foods they need. Making sure your child is happy and healthy.

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