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The strongest gym in town

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Atlas Gym
Atlas Gym  Supplied

Atlas Gymnasium is a multifaceted gym with true character, located just outside the city centre you’re welcomed by a warm community feel.

Owners and operators Rich & James have created a unique space fit for a range of of exercise programs and requirements.

Applying their exercise science degrees, James and Rich have hand-picked equipment with diverse functionality, allowing users to get creative and push their body in new ways. All members will also have the option of having their current physicality and health assessed at the start of their membership to ensure pinpoint accuracy when it comes to designing your individualized exercise program. Whatever your needs or desires, they can show you how to get there, the right way.

 Retrofitted in an old Addington warehouse, some serious local work went into getting the space up to scratch. The vintage themed artworks around the gym, designed by family members, pay homage to the bygone eras of strength training while immersing Atlas members in the world of exercise. The availability of chalk is also there, to help you squeeze out that last rep. 

 Sometimes the best way to warm down from setting your new personal best is a cheeky game of darts or ping pong. These facilities add to the friendly and social environment you’ll find at Atlas. 

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Membership Prices:

No Contract Direct Debit: $18 weekly payment (conditions apply)

3 Month Payment: $229 
6 Month Payment: $439
Annual Payment: $850

$15 per casual visit
$25 per casual week

Membership includes:

 Medical Assessments

-       Health screening

-       Blood pressure

-       Measurements

-       Skinfold/body flat %

-       Flexibility tests

-       Core and cardiovascular tests 

First Program

An initial workout program that has been tailored to you based off your physical assessment. It will give directions on how to slightly intensify the workout you have been provided. You will also be entitled a one on one coaching session that will take you through your program, demonstrating correct technique. 

Optimise your outcome

James and Rich provide a range of additional services that allow you to scale your weekly program up or down according to how hard you want to be pushed. For some outside expertise in the kitchen you can purchase a meal plan to meet your exact nutritional needs.

Or if you’re ready to take your workouts to the next level, James and Rich can reassess your strength and design new workouts, pushing your limits to ensure you never plateau. 

New Programs $30
The team at Atlas will revise your previous workout plan to ensure you are progressing and take you through a one on one coaching session to show you correct technique and explain the exercises you have been recommended.

Strength Testing $30
James or Rich will take you through a 1-2 hour session of supervised strength & conditioning tests. This will include a specific warm-up, specialised technique coaching on lifts, safely monitored loading progressions and obviously spotting.

Nutritional Consultation & Plan $45
This comprehensive plan will not only show you what food you need to be eating in order to optimize your results, it will teach you your exact macronutrient requirements. James & Rich look to ensure all customers of this plan understand the importance around their calorie intake, nutrient timing and which supplements they’re taking. This plan will provide all the tools you need to self monitor going forward.

Personal Training
Professional one on one coaching tailored to achieve your goals.
30 Minutes, $30
45 Minutes, $45
60 Minutes, $60

Classes $50 (per 4 week block)
If you prefer group workouts then these classes are for you. Squeeze the day's erercise into one half-hour, high intensity window of circuit training. Signing up on a first in first served basis, members can choose to attend classes on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. A four week block entitles the member to 8 classes over 4 weeks.