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Ara Art and Design  SUPPLIED

Create to engage audiences, distribute a digital identity and sustain practical interest in the enrolment process.


Tell stories of the Ara Art & Design experience.

Deliver a range of video, audio and written content that is suitable for distribution across a range of platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud and Ara website. 

Build a foundation for the creation of future premium marketing material, and continued success in generating great content. 

Our target audience is Ashley. 17/18 years, female, alternative and Instagram-savvy.

She is a girl whose interests demand visual storytelling and original, engaging content. We had to show her something she hasn’t seen before on her social media feed.

Multimedia and Profiles

We created video and written content for school tours, open days, digital platforms, and social media.

These form a story that is designed to guide the viewer through the Art & Design experience and show potential students where the degree can take them.

Practical applications of the core skills taught at Ara, demonstrating how students get the opportunity to make things happen in the industry: People/Skills and Opportunities
Jasmine Thomas as a past student now excelling in her career with the skills she learned at Ara Art and Design: Graduate

From Ara to industry

A career in creative industries can take you anywhere around the world.

Ara Art and Design provide students with relevant skills and industry knowledge, so graduates are well-equipped for the workplace from day one.

From internships to work experience and hands-on learning, Ara students gain real-life exposure with different creative agencies around Canterbury.


Employers look for graduates who are ready to contribute their creative energy and enthusiasm. Small class sizes of around 20 students encourage participation and engagement with tutors. They have years of experience to share.

With many still working in the industry, tutors know what skills are needed in the changing workplace and constantly improve the course to meet these requirements.

Becoming work-ready is an important element of the Ara Art and Design journey. Courses are designed so that students feel a strong sense of belonging within an inclusive, multicultural environment. 


Above all, Ara puts a focus on core soft-skills. The ability to communicate well, think creatively and problem-solve in a professional environment moulds students who are able to work confidently, and adapt to change.  

Programmes are practical, focusing on tuition in the studio and integrating engagement with industry professionals. Theory and practice often blend into one.

Students also complete a group of courses in academic subjects. These include contextual studies and insights into contemporary professional ethics.

Our specialist facilities and equipment enable students to put their ideas into action with no project too big. Industry-standard software, workshops and creative suites are supported by expert technicians.

At Ara, you’re not just a student. Work is displayed at exhibitions both locally and nationwide, often with large public audiences.

It’s about creating industry-ready graduates who are ready to make an impact.

If this sounds like you, check out Ara Art and Design


Jasmine Thomas

When Jasmine Thomas is asked for three words to describe her Ara Art and Design experience, she can’t help using four.

The 27-year-old designer, who now works at Ngai Tahu Tourism in Christchurch, studied the Bachelor of Visual Design at Ara and loved every minute.

“Challenging, fun, exciting and… innovative. Oh, that’s four.”

“It’s the place where all the good designers come from,” she says. “You meet so many talented people.”

After considering other options, the community spirit at Ara Institute of Canterbury reaffirmed to Jasmine that it was the place to be.

“I remember attending an open day and for the first time at an academic institute, feeling like I belonged.”

The course heavily focuses on developing communication and people skills, an element Jasmine says is hugely important in the design industry.

“I learned how to communicate my ideas, how to take on board other people’s concepts, and bring them all together for a successful end product.”

In her third year of the degree, she was doing client work at a design studio. Jasmine remembers helping business get back on their feet after the earthquakes.

“Ara has been teaching user-centered design for years,” she says. “They are ahead of the curve, and it means I have the fundamental knowledge to design anything.”

Students learn to talk with other designers and become more comfortable defending their designs, with the opportunity to access internships throughout.

Jasmine says the course pushed her to the limit, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“There was a crazy 24-hour design challenge where, ultimately, we all felt like winners. The course pushed us in a really good way.”

What stands out for Jasmine was the way Ara Art and Design set her up for success in the workplace. She was industry-ready upon graduating and equipped with the tools to make her mark.

“Design is very subjective so responding to input positively is hugely important. What makes something good or bad?”

Her current role at Ngai Tahu Tourism sees Jasmine design for one of the largest tourism operators in New Zealand, serving more than one million customers every year.

“The values of the community at Ngai Tahu Tourism and Ara are very similar,” she says. “I love the work I do.”

Ara is well-known for having strong industry relationships, meeting employer demands and providing the skills for graduates to be relevant in a working environment.  

For anyone considering study at Ara Art and Design, Jasmine has some simple advice: DO IT.

“I would not be the same without Ara; it has shaped me into the person and designer I am today.”

She is currently completing her honours at Ara Art and Design, set to finish in February 2019.

The Creative Process

Our team produced an engaging podcast series that showcases what skills are required to create and build on an idea.

The series explores individual perspectives of creativity, the uses of learning soft-skills and how they translate into everyday life. 

A masterclass in the soft skill of creativity. What creativity is, the creative process and idea generation.

The Creative Process: Episode 1

Episode One

The Creative Process: Episode 2

The Creative Process: Episode 3


38% of Instagram users are aged between 13-24

Ara Art and Design IG

We built a social media product that is sustainable within its own ecosystem, including the establishment of an Ara Art and Design Instagram account and corresponding content strategy.

The student-led plan outlined future use with infinite growth opportunities, detailing current social media trends, recommended posting times/captions and investment. 


Social Media Plan

Content Strategy

“Everything I know, I owe to this course.” @AraCanterbury Art and Design blends theory and practice into one. No student is left behind. APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN FOR 2019

“It’s like nowhere else.” Tutors at @AraCanterbury Art and Design are directly connected with the industry. They know what skills are needed in the changing workplace. APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN FOR 2019

@AraCanterbury are ahead of the curve, giving me a competitive edge.” Graduate Jasmine Thompson says the course was user-centred and provided her with the skills to make a mark. APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN FOR 2019

From internships to work experience and hands-on learning, @AraCanterbury Art and Design students gain real-life exposure. This includes the House of Travel Botanic D’Lights event, which draws over 70,000 people and is a hugely important collaboration with @ChristchurchCC. Want to be involved? APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN FOR 2019

@AraCanterbury Art and Design puts a focus on core soft-skills. The ability to communicate well, think creatively and problem-solve in a professional environment moulds students who are able to work confidently, and adapt to change. APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN FOR 2019

We set out to create a promotional campaign with a story - the story of the Art & Design experience.

The pathways content approach allows prospective students to visualise a future for themselves at Ara, thus applying for study. 

Welcome to Ara Art and Design, we've got something to show you.