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Zac Reid


My name is Zac Reid and I'm a second year radio student at the New Zealand Broadcasting School. This year I am majoring in Production and Producing. My main interest is in anything audio production-related, more specifically radio imaging. I am very passionate about making imaging, as well as other audio content as I find it very enjoyable to create and listen to. While my main focus is on audio production, I am also interested in content generation, which is why I picked producing as my second stream. With these two skills combined, I think I am a perfect combination of someone who is able to come up with ideas, and then execute them to a high standard.  

I am also very good at the social game and find that I am capable of getting along with everyone I work with, in a short amount of time. I'm looking to challenge myself, learn more and improve my skills to the highest level possible while still being approachable, and being able to lend a hand when needed. The main goal that I want to achieve in life is that I want to be able to entertain people regardless of how I may be doing it, so I'm always happy to try anything and everything.