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Sienna Davis

I believe everything in life is part of a story, it is our jobs to find those stories and tell them to the best of our ability. Stories are a huge part of who I am, I’ve gotten to a point now where I have translated that love of stories into a carer path I hope to follow.

I am bubbly, passionate and eager to do the best work possible. I am hard working and will do everything in my power to reach any deadlines put in front of me. I’ve seized every opportunity that has come my way to gain experience and better improve my skills, and If I don't know how to do something, I'm no afraid to ask or find other ways to teach me how to do it, for example I taught myself to use after effects in the space of a week for TV News.

Although we have been taught many things, I’ve found real joy in editing and post production, because this is the last point where a story is told, and I believe it is a special moment when the final product comes together.

Gluten Free - A Coeliac Story

The documentary follows a discussion with those who have the disease, talking about what it is and how it affects their daily lives.

Graphics Showreel

This is a selection of some of the graphics I created for our TV News module.