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Sam Mulholland

Kia Ora, I’m Sam

Over the past 2 years at the New Zealand Broadcasting School, I have had an absolute blast, made lifelong friends, and learnt new skills to apply to the ever evolving radio industry.  

I have been working with the NZME team doing brand engagement since December 2020. This has really fuelled my passion and taught me how to work in the industry which I hope to further in the years to come.

My peers would say I am a people person who knows how to liven up a room and make the work fun.Through my majors of promotions and Voice for Fever FM I've found a new passion for radio and am always excited to keep learning. On our student station Fever FM 96.1, I was the solo host for The New Groove from 1-3pm. Hosting the show by myself made me step out of my comfort zone and rely fully on myself as I had no producer. I thrive working in a team but since this experience I'm confident in myself.

I look forward to hearing for you soon.