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Rebecca Cameron

Broadcasting Communications | Screen and Television Production


From an early age I have loved stories in all their forms; books, music, film, and television. I have always been a strong communicator, and I think that is what telling stories is all about, regardless of the medium.


My passion has always been creative writing, and over time my focus has shifted towards writing for screen. Film and television are such powerful tools for communication and connection, and I am so excited at the prospect of joining an industry that will challenge me to be my best, most creative self.


I am very fortunate to be studying at the New Zealand Broadcasting School, developing my skills, and working alongside some of the brightest, most talented people I have ever met. This year I have pushed myself to go far beyond my comfort zone, and I have often been rewarded with the discovery of new skills. In addition to my love for writing, I have realised a passion for cinematography, and editing.


I am inspired by great writing and strong characters in television and film, and some of my absolute favourites include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Breaking Bad, Westworld, True Detective, Three Billboards, and Call Me By Your Name. The industry has evolved so much in the last 20 years, and I can’t wait to get out there and tell my own stories.

TV News Camera Operator

I worked as a camera operator in the field during our TV News module. This is a selection of stories I worked on.

Building Better Humans

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