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Nikodim Trashkov

I have been incredibly passionate about all aspects of filmmaking and visual storytelling from a very young age.

During my time studying screen and television at the New Zealand Broadcasting School, I have continuously strived to challenge myself with every project and learn as much as possible. I have been the director, writer, editor and director of photography for various projects, enjoying every second of it.

I am a highly motivated, and hardworking individual seeking to keep learning and developing my skills in the industry I love.

INHERITED (Director)

This has been the most challenging project which I have worked on so far due to the scope and logistical difficulties.


Myovolt Is a new wearable vibration therapy that targets joints and muscles for recovery and warming up. 

We created three video advertisements, two podcast episodes, four radio ads and a media plan …

Here Be Pirates (Co-Creator)

Author Briar Rose Middleditch prepares a pirate party to celebrate the launch of her new book. For this project I did the cinematography and editing.