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Josh Robertson

In discovering a camera at a young age it become my goal to learn everything there is to know about every aspect of what a camera can offer. This passion has brought me to the New Zealand Broadcasting School which is now sadly coming to an end. Given the opportunity I would love to carry on this pursuit into a career.  

Through the Broadcasting School I have gained unforgettable experiences really cementing my beliefs of what I want I want to do with my life. Having been involved with every aspect of the filmmaking pipeline has given me a perspective to what I enjoy out of the process... everything. I have been the Director, Producer, Writer, Editor and Director of Photography for various projects, enjoying every second of it.  

I would consider this industry my new home and would love to stay around.  


Waka on Avon

The theme of our multi-media campaign for this new business venture is to focus on Waka on Avon's three key principles: Education, Conservation and Entertainment

Releve (Producer)

My second project back after lockdown this short film represents many months of work.

Molly & Manu (Producer, Directors Assistant)

Producer, Directors Assistant.

Throughout this production I undertook the fundamental management role of producer.  I dealt with budgeting, scheduling and casting to bring together something I am ver…