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John Chua

A passionate and hardworking individual who takes pride and pays close attention to detail in his work. That is precisely how I would describe myself.

Currently a second year Screen & TV student at the New Zealand Broadcasting School (NZBS), I’m hungry to learn and upskill myself in every way possible. I am passionate about cinematography and have worked mostly as a Director of Photography and Editor during my time at the NZBS. However, my skills do not end there, I am confident in my abilities to be able to tackle different roles and possess a solid understanding of the industry.

The knowledge and skills I have are something I’m confident any organisation can benefit from. I look forward to hearing from you.

Outside Broadcast: EVS

While we were covering a high school basketball match, I took the position of EVS Operator during my first year at the NZBS.

ERSATZ Automotive

ERSATZ Automotive is a passion project of mine where I can learn while involving my love for cars.

Advert: NZ TINT

In my spare time, I try to find work outside of my part-time job. I made this advertisement for NZ TINT to promote their business.

Documentary: In the Details

In the Details is a documentary about Devon Gilchrist and how he uses his passion to build something for the car community.