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The purpose for this campaign was to educate the public and to create a better understanding of the conservation work Willowbank do.

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve is a wildlife park and nature reserve inChristchurch, New Zealand.  

It houses 95 species and is a family-run business that opened it's doors in October 1974. Willowbank is committed to preserving New Zealand's native species and rare animal breeds. It has three main principles it remains true to: 

  • To be part of the conservation of species. 
  • To educate consumers and advocate for wildlife. 
  • To provide entertainment to families and visitors. 

Before COVID-19 Willowbank had approximately 120,000 annual visitors.  

As New Zealand's boarders are now closed foot traffic has reduced significantly. Willowbank strives to remain close to it's three principles and needs to have visitors in order to continue to help the conservation of our native species. When meeting with Mark Willis (our client) he discussed the importance of educating former customers of Willowbank about the conservation of animals through telling some "Untold Stories" of Willowbank. The idea has now been launched into a full content campaign that has elements of all digital media. This campaign has been created to educate consumers and entice them to come visit Willowbank Wildlife Reserve again. 



Audio Stories.

The goal was to make each narration personal to the specific animal as well as giving insight into the reason these animals are at Willowbank. The audio narrations are designed to be short and engaging for not only adults but also children as we are aware of those with shorter attention spans.


Untold Stories mini-documentaries.

These are our six mini documentaries entitled "untold stories" for Willowbank which helps to educate people visiting the wildlife reserve.


360 Degree Footage.

The cameras were placed inside five enclosures, giving visitors a 360-degree view inside of the enclosure. This will give viewers the opportunity to see the world from the animal's perspective. 



Social media trailers. 

These trailers are to be played on Instagram and Facebook at specific times and dates to entice people to come to the park to watch the full documentary series.



Social posts.

(The aspect ratio on these photos have been altered so it can fit on NZBS.)


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Social/Media Plan for Willowbank