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Who needs an intern?

New Zealand Broadcasting School students are highly sought after in the industry.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Maximum potential - a no-risk opportunity for you to sample the latest crop of highly talented, motivated and hard-working students
  • Low costs - you do not need to employ the intern. Instead, you may offer assistance in the form of an education bursary.  For internships starting after September, we invite you to consider $440 per week as a fair and reasonable level of support.  This suggested minimum is reviewed each year.
  • Limited commitment – assuming 40 hours/week, the intern will be with you for up to 24 weeks (in order to complete the required number of hours). Some students may be able to accept shorter internships, depending on their previous industry experience.
  • Future planning - an opportunity to assess the potential of tomorrow's full-time broadcasters.
  • These students have substantial skills and industry knowledge. They are eager, bursting with enthusiasm, hungry for learning and committed to the industry.

What is in it for the student?

  • The opportunity to gain experience and knowledge over an extended period in a real operational industry environment.
  • The opportunity to learn from skilled industry practitioners.
  • A chance to prove themselves - to show you that they are valuable to the future of the industry.

How does the New Zealand Broadcasting School benefit?

  • We obtain wide exposure to the industry.
  • We get a second opinion on the students' performance through workplace learning and assessment.
  • We maintain important links with the industry.

What do we ask NZBS Internship Providers to do?

  • Support the intern with a weekly Education Bursary payment [this only applies if you are not employing the intern] to assist the student with study and living costs.  IRD recognises this bursary as tax exempt provided it is not treated as a wage or salary and is not a condition of employment or part of any employment contract.
  • Ensure the student receives on-the-job-training opportunities and exposure to top industry professionals.
  • Assess the student's performance and act as a mentor to help the student understand what it takes to succeed in your industry.
  • Allow the intern some time off if required (no more than 5 days over the period of the internship) to undertake course-related work.

Once you have identified a student you wish to host all we need to know, in order to draw up the internship contract, is:

  • The role
  • The start date agreed with the intern
  • The amount of the bursary (assuming you are not employing the intern)
  • The number of hours per week (on average) the intern will be with you
  • The name, role and contact details (phone & email) of your person who will supervise and mentor the intern, and report back to us on progress

Click here to view our internship profiles. Contact us at any time if you would like more information.