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There's more to bouldering than first meets the eye. With numerous health benefits, you can climb your way to a healthier you at Uprising Boulder Gym.

Bouldering, a workout for your mind and your body. It may appear demanding and complex to spectators on the ground, as people force their bodies up the side of perfectly formed boulders, but the art of climbing has a far more simplistic beauty to it than originally thought.

Bouldering is an element of climbing which has been refined over a number of years, with the focus on navigating a sequence of holds, rather than reaching a summit. The dynamic climbing style involved incorporates strength training, technical skills and a problem solving ability, all sparking excitement, challenge, curiosity and adventure in the climbers mind.

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The Uprising Boulder Gym, located at 5 Tanner Street in Woolston, is the South Island’s premier bouldering facility and is a great way to get a grasp on climbing before taking your skills to the next level. In addition to the ultra-modern bouldering walls and world-renowned Uprising climbing holds, the gym also boasts a downstairs training area which includes weights, hang boards and cross-training equipment, making it much more than just a climbing wall – a revolutionary fitness centre.

Shoes, chalk and a crash mat are all you need to start climbing your way to the top.

Climber and gym owner, Sefton Priestley, refers to climbing as the fresh, easy and exciting new way to challenge yourself mentally and physically. Throughout his time bouldering, he has had the opportunity to travel to various different countries and boulder on a variety of different rock types and geographical landscapes. Along the way, Sefton has had the opportunity to meet a number of new people who share a common interest.

People come from all over the world to climb in New Zealand and experience the world class scenery and bouldering landscape. At Uprising Boulder Gym, climbers head over to Castle Hill and Flock Hill frequently, to enjoy the challenges outdoor bouldering has to offer.

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First-time climbers describe their experience bouldering as exhilarating and a challenging strength workout. "It's kind of addictive  when you don't make the climb the first time you're even more determined on the second."

"It's kind of addictive  when you don't make the climb the first time you're even more determined on the second attempt."

Upstairs at Uprising Boulder Gym, climbers also have the opportunity to test their skills and train on the world renowned moon board - a flat panelled climbing wall consisting of multiple different holds. While the moon board remains secured to the wall, climbers are able to explore multiple different holds, comparing their problems to other climbers all over the world via the Moon Board App.

The App allows climbers to view and log their climbs, compare their routes with other climbers, rate certain climbs and even purchase climbing gear.

So there you have it, there’s more to bouldering than meets the eye. What better way to workout, travel the world and meet new people? 


Uprising Boulder Gym.

5 Tanner St, Woolston, next to the Tannery.

Open 12pm - 10pm on Weekdays and 10am - 10pm on Weekends, with extended hours for members.

Memberships range from $15-20 per week.

For information phone: 03 389 5061 or visit our website http://bouldering.co.nz.


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