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This Could Be You Campaign Poster  Te Ōhaka

About "This Could Be You"

Te Ōhaka is the facility run by the Ministry of Awesome on the Ara Institute of Canterbury City Campus.

The “This Could Be You” campaign was a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Awesome and the New Zealand broadcasting school. The goal of the campaign was to bring more awareness to Te Ōhaka, the start-up incubator run by MOA, as well as focus on what is offered to students at Ara Institute of Canterbury by providing content for marketing and social media. 

Our clients outlined that they wanted to focus on three of their offered products.  

  1. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Courses
  2. Springboard - Te Ōhaka’s applied learning programme for Ara Students
  3. Ara Research Hub powered by Te Ōhaka

The “This Could Be You” campaign consists of both audio and visual content showing what someone can expect from going to Te Ōhaka as a student or as a potential start-up.

Welcome to Te Ōhaka

Video Content

Our aim was to create video content for school classes, Ara students, and Te Ohaka’s social media platforms. These videos push brand awareness while promoting an alternative career choice for those intending on studying.

Te Ōhaka - Research Hub

Research Hub – This video is aimed towards the start-ups, showing the full experience of Te Ohaka. It is a place for everyone to share their experiences, learn from experts and grow connections between the industry and other start-ups.

Te Ōhaka - Innovation & Entrepreneurship Courses

Innovation and Entrepreneurship courses – Targeted at existing Ara students, these courses can be used in conjunction with any other bachelor or diploma. They allow students to gain a deeper understanding into what it takes to make it in the start-up worl

Te Ōhaka - Springboard Program

Springboard Programme - We created this video to further explain the springboard program to potential students interested in becoming a part of Te Ohaka. It is a unique opportunity for students to get involved with and gain internships with the start-ups

The Big Five

The Big Five Q&A videos are a chance for members of the Te Ōhaka community to share some personal experiences. Created for Instagram reels.

The Three videos cover the process of establishing a start-up and how the Te Ōhaka community is looking into the future. 

The Big 5 - The Start

The Big 5 - The Journey

The Big 5 - The Future

This Could Be You Podcast - Buzz Club - Reel

This Could Be You podcast - S360 - Reel

This Could Be You Podcast - Buzz Club



These have been produced and directed to benefit those who are inspired by others’ ideas for a business startup while explaining how Te Ohaka can help your journey. This was executed by talking to two previous start-up companies that have been/are at Te Ōhaka.

First Podcast: Buzz Club Brewery

Second Podcast: S360 (Caroline Thalund)

This Could Be You Podcast - S360

These posts are intended to break up the "This Could Be You" campaign. Due to its short length of time, with the intention of coming across less forceful.

Media Plan

Media Releases

Content Plan

On behalf of the New Zealand Broadcasting School we would like to formally thank Te Ōhaka for there collaboration and communication through this process. The environment at Te Ōhaka felt welcoming and couldn’t have asked for a better client! We are proud of the work we have produced and hope you love it also!