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Rotary Oceania
Rotary Oceania

The following content has been made for our client Rotary Oceania.

Over the past few weeks our group has produced and edited a series of visual, audio, and written content for our client Rotary Oceania, in an attempt to give the brand a re-fresh that will appeal to a younger target audience of 16 to 24-years-old.

To tackle this challenge we came up with the campaign idea "I am Rotary". This slogan has lead the content we have created below for our client.

Audio Content

For the Rotary Oceania audio content, we created a 10-minute-long interview podcast. The aim was to showcase Rotary in its best and most interesting way, something that would truly appeal to our target audience. 

We decided to look into the youth programs that Rotary already offered like MUNA, ROTARACT and RYPEN, but there was one program that stood out from the rest, the Rotary Exchange. We chose the Rotary Youth Exchange because it is by far the most eye catching option for youth, the possibility of fully funded international travel is enough to make anyone want to know more.

We found Leah Kassick, a 20-year-old student that has recently returned from a Rotary Youth Exchange in Denmark. We chose to interview Leah because we wanted the subject of our interview to be someone that our target audience could relate to, a down to earth student. The interview itself reinforces the expectations a young person would have about a Rotary Exchange, being that it’s a great time and a valuable opportunity. 

Written Content

For our written content, we wanted to focus on giving the Rotary brand a new youth 'face'. We did this by writing two articles on different projects (Period Poverty and Pedal for Pacific) to highlight to young people and students (16 to 24-years-old) the benefit and impact they will have by joining Rotary. We also created a short Q&A type article to ‘myth bust’ stereotypes about the organisation such as “Rotary is only for old people”.


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Our Media Plan includes recommendations for best engagement with Rotary's online social channels and website, with included recommendations for best posting times and better website/social media management.


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Our Client Story outlines what Rotary Oceania is, the History, its values, and how to promote the brand. 


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Video Content

We knew when starting this project that we would need to create short but engaging content designed for Facebook and Instagram to capture the youth demographic. Overall, we wanted to highlight the benefits of joining Rotary. This meant producing content that was straight to the point, concise, built trust within the viewer and presented benefits. Our two key videos are an emotive ‘Hero video’ and a ‘Bowling with Rotary Q&A’.

The Hero video is designed to highlight how young people can still make an impact in their local community, while the ‘Bowling with Rotary Q&A’  is a tongue and check Q&A with local Rotarians. For this video, we decided to play on the stereotype of Rotary just being for old people by filming it on a lawn bowls green.

We approached two youth who have benefitted from Rotary and got them to supply us with testimonials. Leah Kassick travelled to Rotary youth exchange in Denmark in 2019. Eden Skipper has been a Rotarian for four years and shares the benefits of engaging in community work across new Zealand and the US.

"I AM ROTARY" Campaign

There is a common misconception youth have towards Rotary, that misconception being the organisation is boring and ‘just for old people’. Through our #IAMROTARY campaign, we aimed to promote the idea that anyone can be involved.​ The idea stems from Canterbury University "UC Me" campaign, where they interviewed and pictured everyday students' that young people can identify with.

The campaign is made up of short social media posts and 20-second videos. We profiled five individual youths from dancers to lifeguards and fashion designers. ​The content for this campaign covers all three platforms (Facebook, YouTube and Instagram) that youth access today.