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Rollickin' Dessert Cafe

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Rollickin' Dessert Cafe, here for a good time.

Jacob and Daniel

Six singles and their individual dates

So how did the date go?!

Superman Dark Chocolate Gelato

Participants Daniel and Jacob chose the “Superman Dark Chocolate” as their favourite flavour. This creamy house-made gelato is full of good nutrients and is often referred to as dark chocolate on steroids. Daniel has always loved the strong richness of dark chocolate whereas Jacob is just a sucker for a smooth, silky taste. After discovering the taste bud match, Jacob and Daniel couldn't get enough of each other. It's safe to say the date went SUPER. The pair stayed on into the evening and from what we have heard, they’ll be seeing a whole lot more of each other at their, now, favourite dessert cafe- Rollickin Gelato. The lads both highly recommend Superman Dark Chocolate but said to be warned as it’s addictive.


Bex and Sullivan

Popcorny Gelato

Bex  and Sullivan chose “Popcorny”, a salted gelato mixed with rich caramel sauce and crunchy popcorn. Bex  picked the Popcorny as she felt a real connection with the gelato flavour. Out there and kinda crazy- JUST LIKE HER! The Mummy's boy Sullivan also took a liking to the taste that reminded him of the good old days as a child at the cinemas. Bex and Sullivan’s date started off reasonably well however Sullivan became apprehensive as he thought that she might be a wee bit too outgoing for him to handle. Bex thought it was nice that Sullivan had a close relationship with his mum however, towards the end she felt his only point of conversation was his mum or video games . Unfortunately, the pair decided to go their separate ways however they both said they’ll continue to go to Rollickin for their regular Popcorny Gelato fix.


Andrei and Brooke

Pomegranate and Berries Sorbet

Brooke and Andrei mixed it up a bit and found love in the refreshing sorbet twist option. Their favourite pick, Pomegranate and Berries includes a hefty kilo of berries and is pumped with antioxidants. Brooke opted for the sorbet as it catered to her dietary needs Gluten Free, Dairy Free,  Egg Free,  Fat Free and Chemical Free. Whereas Andrei picked the flavour as he was craving something tasty to clean his palet. Andrei was as sweet as the sorbet itself and showered Brooke with compliments throughout the date. The match was a delightful success with Andrei deciding to go vegan to support Brooke’s new life style. The pair plan to make Rollickin their local and can’t wait to try other vegan flavours such as Mr Mango, Lemon, Lime & Bitters and Crouching Tiger.

The full social experiment

Audio Commercial Content

All three radio ads follow the theme of singles explaining what their gelato was like instead of their actual dates.

From Cart to Cafe

The History and Processes of  Rollickin' Dessert Cafe

It all started with a 15 year old boy who loved both Gelato and Business. On a sunny summer day Jed Joyce’s mum would tow his cart down to New Regent Street so he could sell fresh batches of gelato that had been trucked down from Wellington.

Jed now, at 19, is the proud owner of the Rollickin' Dessert Cafe on New Regent Street and is in the process of opening another pop-up gelato store at the Christchurch Arts Centre.  

Ever wondered how Jed and the team make this scoopable gold?

Rollickin' Gelato is like no other, each flavour is specially handcrafted daily.

Rollickin' is BIG on using only the good stuff.  They promise local, seasonal and where possible organic flavours.

Rollickin' treats their gelato making process with a whole lot of tender loving care.

Which all takes place in their vintage New Regent Store. It begins with creating the base; made up of locally sourced sugars and fresh milk. The next step is to then add the milk base plus a whole bunch of nutritious ingredients to the batch freezer. This whips the air out of the mixture creating a more dense and puku filling gelato product.

House-made crunchy bits and bobs are then folded into the gelato adding a surprise to every mouthful!

The finished mix is put in the blast freezer for 20 minutes at -35 degrees celsius. This freezer saves gelato texture, shape and flavour ensuring the highest quality of the product.

Once the gelato has set, it’s put out in store for all  to enjoy!

So what’s the difference between Gelato and Ice Cream? Well we’re glad you asked….

The difference is one key ingredient. MILK! Rollickin' uses milk rather than cream to create a more dense authentic product. Ice cream on the other hand is made with cream meaning the finished product is whipped and puffed up with air.

Rollickin' makes sure they cater to all. They also have a range of yummy sorbets which cater to anyone who is dairy free or gluten free (a perfect vegan option).

Just remember it's never too cold for a scoop of Gelato!