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Paddy Gower at his self-deprecating best

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Paddy Gower speaks to students at the New Zealand Broadcasting School.  Julia Saborowski

Cult figure, broadcaster and documentary-maker tells students how rejection has shaped his career.

Paddy Gower is everywhere at the moment, promoting his documentary Patrick Gower: On Weed, which takes a deep dive into the world of medicinal cannabis.

Somehow he found time in his busy schedule to visit the New Zealand Broadcasting School.

He opened his talk to about 60 students by telling him he was "wiped out" from promoting his documentary, the first part of which aired earlier this week.

"It was very emotional for me, when it aired," Gower said.

He explained how he usually prepared well ahead of speaking engagements, but "today, sorry".

Gower spoke about how rejection has shaped his career. 

When he graduated from journalism school, he applied for jobs at every newspaper in the country, and was rejected by all of them. One of the rejection letters even pointed out an apostrophe error in his cover letter.

"That hurt," Gower told the students.

The New Zealand Herald gave him his first break.

"I got rejected from every paper in this country, except for the biggest paper, which gave me the crappiest job."

Gower's point was he might appear successful, but "it's not been an easy ride".

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