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Have you just had that 'light bulb' moment that's going to add to Christchurch's already vast and diverse business ecosystem?

The Ministry of Awesome is the place to go for all entrepreneurial ventures in Ōtautahi.

Offering support, guidance, capability training and a huge network of fellow entrepreneurs, everything your business venture needs to succeed is just a finger tip away. 

The company sees Christchurch as a city of opportunity, post-earthquake, and entrepreneurs and innovators are the key to making that a reality. 

To encourage aspiring entrepreneurs with brand new business ideas to come forward, the Ministry of Awesome have brought together success stories of #AwesomeFounders, whose ventures in Christchurch started at Awesome HQ.


Orbica Limited

Established just last year, Orbica prides itself on being a pioneer in the field of research and development in Geospatial Artificial Intelligence. Using ‘GeoAI’ Orbica creates unique data visualisation solutions for other businesses.  

Founder Kurt Janssen would fall asleep reading an atlas as a youngster, and attributes this to coming up with the idea change the data visualisation game on it's head. 

At first it was tough to crack the market, but find out how Kurt got it to work! You may even pick up some tricks to apply to your own business venture! 


Boma - New Zealand is a branch of the Boma Global network that supports business leaders, young people and entrepreneurs who want to help create a better, more sustainable future. 

CEO Kaila Colbin says her entrepreneurial journey started at the young age of seven, when she used to sell books on the sidewalk outside her family's apartment. 

Kaila admits she's started a few businesses that have failed, but shares with us her mindset to overcoming that and creating a successful business.

Invert Robotics

 Invert Robotics build the robot that climbs non-magnetic materials. Founder James Robertson started off as a one-man band and enlisted the help of the Ministry of Awesome to begin his venture. 

Today, Invert Robotics has a team of over thirty employees, dedicated to building and using these robots in big dairy factories to scale chemical tanks, and get into those awkward and confined spaces.

Hear about how James came up with the idea of Invert Robotics, and keep an eye and ear out for his tips and tricks for aspiring entrepreneurs!

Komodo Monitr

Komodo Monitr is making waves in the professional sport scene with it's advanced technology that predicts injury risk to athletes. 

After working for a professional football team, CEO of Komodo, Chris Bacon, saw that there was a whole heap of unused data being collected. He decided to do something with that data, and that's what led him to the present day. 

The future is bright for Komodo Monitr, and it'll only be a matter of time before we see it being used across the global sporting platform!

How did it all start? What's gone well, and what's gone not so well? All of the answers are down below in our social video and podcast episode.  

Sandfly Security

Sandfly Security is an agentless intrusion detection and end point security system for the Linux operating software system. 

In such a saturated market, Founder and Chief Executive, Craig Rowland admits getting recognition is often tough and can be overwhelming. 

Craig bestowed a bit of his wisdom upon us, for us to share with you. 


The Romer app has revolutionised the way people travel today!

The app creates a community of like-minded people, discovering and sharing their own unique travel experiences, so that other visitors are inspired to explore cities around the world. 

Funnily enough, founder and CEO of Romer Emily Heazlewood found herself bored senseless during a business trip to Wellington. She had no idea what do to, and that's how the idea of her app came about. 

Check out how Emily managed to get Romer up and running! 

Along with the stories of our #AwesomeFounders, we've put together a couple of radio ads that let aspiring entrepreneurs that the Ministry of Awesome are here to help! 

If your wanting to start up your own business, make sure to also check out our top tips video. With the help of our founders, we've complied the best tips for beginning your business venture. 

Want to delve even deeper into a couple of our #AwesomeFounders? Click here to check out all of our written content: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bdbXccwaSJ9QU-_S6IBCC9zaCqzRieb7

Now if you've had a look at all of this, and are feeling inspired to make the most of your light bulb moment, the Ministry of Awesome would love to hear from you!

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