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MediaChat: What's going on in the news media and journalism

Daniel Nielsen

This week: New Zealand's media agreement to not report white supremacist ideology gets Nieman Lab's attention; everyone's talking about Melanie Reid's 'baby uplift' story; and a depressing perspective on covering US politics.

NZ media in the international spotlight

A story published on Nieman Lab's website looks at NZ media’s agreement to not report anything that promotes white supremacist ideology in their coverage of the alleged mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant’s court appearances and eventual trial. Click here for the story.

The story everyone’s taking about

NewsRoom’s Melanie Reid does it again. Her story on the ‘taken generation’ featured an attempted ‘uplift’ of a newborn baby from its mother in a maternity ward by the children's welfare agency, Oranga Tamariki. Afer the story was published, Oranga Tamariki, took NewsRoom to court.

A depressing perspective

And then there was this rather depressing read as we come up to the anniversary of Watergate scandal’s beginning.